With a capacity of approximately 3,100 vacancies Main characteristics:

– Boarding and disembarkation covered at Reception, Theater and Pavilion;

– Patio agents for orientation of available positions;

– Attendance of all accessibility standards.

Values ​​for length of stay as of April 1, 2019:

– 30 minutes: Exempt;

– Up to 3 hours: R $ 18,00 per access;

– More than 3 hours: R $ 20,00 per access.

Form of payment:

– Cards: Debit and credit of the flags: Visa, Elo, Mastercard, American Express and Banricompras.

– Other forms of payment: Money.

Points of payment terminals:

– Central Reception of the FIERGS System;

– Foyer Ground Floor of SESI Theater;

– Pavilion of Exhibitions.